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Proptions... your guide to at-home yoga

It's all in the name... yoga props are there to literally "prop us up".

They say the most advanced students head straight for the equipment cupboard. Possessing an intimate knowledge of their human design they can adapt their practice to meet the energy reserves, physical complaints and level of experience they're working with on any given day.

We might consider props a tool for facilitating the journey from being "all up in your head" (the place where most adults hang out) to being in your senses, feeling into the multiple dimensions of your being.

As 2020 has taught us so well, we are absolutely in need practices that nourish and energise us so that these precious bodies of ours don't get battered by any incoming storms. ⁠

To enter into this quieter, soothing space you'll want support (in the form of a teacher's guidance, but also bits and pieces that make the act of perching on your sit bones or lying on your back more comfortable for you).

Know that you don't need fancy gear to kickstart this habit – a good yoga instructor can guide you without any online shopping necessary. In place of the equipment you'd find at your local studio here are some handy subs...⁠ + if you don’t own a mat, use a towel. or, since we know that yoga "off the mat" is where the real magic happens, park yourself on a patch of ground and explore movement without the rectangular boundaries + a collection of two or three pillows in place of a bolster + the belt from your dressing gown is a FAB yoga strap + hardback books (anything from the cookbook collection) for blocks⁠ + therapy balls⁠, which can be used for self-massage and myofascial release, are a lot like a tennis ball (which you may have at least one of knocking about the house) + eye pillows – which soothe sore eye muscles and can help draw our focus inwards if we’re inhabiting a busy home – come in many shapes and sizes. a (squeaky) clean sock or a scarf is a strong alternative to the dreamy buckwheat, lavender-filled kind

Most importantly, don’t fret. Yoga is not about having all the gear, and it's amazing how creative we are when we have to be. Work with what you've got and you'll be just fine for class x ⁠


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