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Online Yoga 

How does zoom work?

Download the zoom app (for free) to your phone, tablet or computer. 

When you book your class you'll receive a zoom link via email (check junk mail if you can't find it!). Click on the link 5-10 mins before the class start time and this will take you to our "virtual waiting room".

Do I have to have my video and sound on?

If you feel uncomfortable with your screen or audio on, there is an option on the app to join the class without them.

I'm having technical issues, what do I do? 

If you've joined the live stream class and there's a tech wobble, it's best to close the browser and relaunch. Head back to the email link and join the class again from there.


If your video keeps buffering, it could be an issue at your end - limit the amount of devices in your space that are using the internet. 

What props do I need?

Lots of yoga practices are enhanced by having some support.

Here is a whole blog post about "at-home" alternatives to the kit you'd find at the studio. 


If you'd like to purchase equipment, here is an environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious provider (GOTS certified organic materials, zero-waste packaging). Use the code SCYOGA10 for 10% off your order. 

In-Person Yoga

What shall I wear?

Loose, comfy clothing is always best. Anything that means you can move freely. 

Yoga is practiced barefoot - the studio is a no-shoes zone. However, you may want to a have a pair of socks and some layers at the ready for relaxation, especially if you're attending a yin or restorative practice. 


Do I need to bring anything with me?

Depending on the venue (some spaces Sarah teaches at have their own equipment - please check), you might like to bring your own mat, and a blanket or extra jumper for relaxation too. 

I'm new to yoga / I can't touch my toes - am I okay to join a class?

Absolutely. Beginners are more than welcome, and feeling inflexible is one of the reasons that we start practicing yoga. Sarah's classes are informal and friendly - feel free to ask questions if you're unsure about something. The beauty of yoga is that it's not a "one size fits all" practice - we can adapt to suit your needs and energy levels on the day. 

I've got an injury. Can I still do yoga?

This is on a case by case basis - please let Sarah know if you have any physical or mental health concerns that may be relevant. You can disclose this information on your Booking Form, message Sarah, or let her know in person before class.


More often than not, we can modify your yoga practice to ensure that we're encouraging the body's natural healing process. 

I'd like to introduce yoga and meditation at my workplace - is this something you do?

Yes! Please see Workplace Wellbeing for more information about corporate packages - customised to meet the needs of your team. 


I'd like to incorporate yoga at an event or party that I'm hosting - can I book you?

Yes you can - Sarah has guided practices at hen dos, retreats, spa weekends and wellbeing events. Contact Sarah to discuss your plans.

Can I have some information on how to find the studio?

No one enjoys being late, especially when yoga is an amazing tool for de-stressing - here is a guide on where to go for practice.

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