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One thing a day that sparks joy (thank you KonMarie)

We have invested in the concept that things are certain; that if we buy more stuff, earn more money, have more followers and labels to define ourselves by, then we are safe.

One of my early teachers (way back when I was in London) gathered us in a circle before we did any kind of stretching business and said

"Control is an illusion. the sooner you learn that, the more free you will be".

If there has ever been a year that brings that conviction into focus, 2020 could be it. 

However small or insignificant your practice of self-care might feel - a cuppa in this (rather wonderful) late summer sunshine, a phonecall with someone who brings a smile to your face, sitting down to watch a film (without staring at a second screen), dancing to your favourite song, or preparing a comforting, nourishing meal...


Settle into that moment, the simple pleasure of it. These moments are of course temporary - that is the nature of time - but rather than suffer because we are seeking solidity, certainty and order, trust that you can still top up your "soul points" (kudos to my sister for that phrase) even when things are tough.

That is self-care beyond this "love and light" rubbish that the wellbeing industry preaches (are you seeing "positive vibes only" in the news?) - let's embrace the reality of what it is to be human. 


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