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yoga that honours your unique design and goals

Integrate wellbeing into your life, creating a wellbeing toolkit that actually suits your schedule and needs to encourage meaningful, sustainable transformation. 

Whether you're limited on time, brand new to the vast subject of yoga or you'd like the undivided attention of your guide, private tuition can help.

Sarah specialises in creating bespoke packages, empowering you to reap the therapeutic rewards of a regular yoga practice.


Areas of expertise

  • Yoga For Burnout & Chronic Fatigue

  • Emotional Health

  • Stress Management

  • Adapting Your Yoga Practice For Injuries

  • (Re)Learning How To Breathe

  • Movement & Meditation For Menstrual Health 

  • Prenatal Yoga

  • Fascial Release Yin Yoga 


"Sarah has given me a different approach to fitness and helped rehab my knee following a running injury. Having private sessions with her has done wonders for my strength and flexibility as they are entirely customised to my ability and goals"


"Sarah is a very experienced yoga teacher, who not only brings a sense of calm into my very busy life, but is very sensitive, empathetic and intuitive of my needs"


"My 121s with Sarah are amazing. She tailors every lesson to my needs which enables me to get the most out of my practice.


I would recommend her to anyone."


price list


single session - 50

pack of 5 classes - 235

pack of 10 classes - 450


single session - 60

prices for 60 minutes at scystudio

fee differs for mobile yoga (at your place), small groups, extended sessions and zoom yoga dates

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