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Feeling into the fall

All around in nature we are about to witness a shedding. The woods are keen to lighten their load.  Leaves that once provided vital nutrients to their trees will soon crunch underfoot, their fall to the earth exposing the skeletal wooden structures that remain.  It is common for this particular seasonal transition to be felt as a loss. Whilst the golden glow of the leafy carpet rolling out beneath our wellies is visually pleasing,  for many of us autumn marks a time when there is, in effect, a little less time. Giving ourselves the option to flow with the autumnal breeze rather than be resistant of it, means that the ride into the cooler, darker months is less bumpy.  Developing ways to experience light and warmth - at times when it is less abundant in our external environments - is crucial.  And just as much moving, action and busyness usher those qualities in, to lead a balanced life the body requires rest, nourishment and periods of stillness in equal measure. Yoga is an energy management system that can be used anytime and anywhere (you don't need to meditate at 4am or be able to touch your toes to be a yogi/yogini), but the tools we learn are especially effective when we are experiencing change. Protecting your energy levels can be as simple as breathing more deeply in a stressful meeting or choosing not to be overly ambitious with your social calendar.

One thing that can be particularly useful is slowing down

and giving ourselves space to reflect - particularly if we have demoted it to the absolute last thing on the to-do-list. 

I've recorded a short meditation on just this over on the chill zone (HERE!)

which asks what 'letting go' might look like for you at the moment.

Frustrations about plans gone awry, expectations for an unknown future.

How does it feel, just for a moment, to set aside that load, like a great oak tree shaking off its leaves in the fall? 


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