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Learn to feel at home within your own body; connecting to a rewarding, sustainable and ​joyful body-mind practice.

Sarah has a therapeutic approach to yoga, empowering individuals to move and rest well.

Her teachings are inspired by the joint-freeing practices of Tai Chi, the slowness and stilling of Restorative Yoga and the creativity of dance. Sessions are designed to be relaxed, welcoming, nourishing and explorative. Each class has a different focus and intention; a unique blend of asana (postures/yogic stretching), pranayama (breathing techniques) mindfulness and relaxation.


scystudio, corsham

in the heart of the wiltshire countryside you can find in-person yoga and meditation designed to meet your needs

read up on covid-19 studio policy here


yoga on demand

packages designed to support your wellbeing, for times when the routine is subject to change

this is movement and resting for busy people. press play when it suits you

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N E L 

ethically and sustainably considered gifts for you and your home, that don't cost our home

What Clients Say

A monumental thank you for your yoga sessions - to say it has been a godsend is to underestimate the impact and place of peace and connection I have come to find from this community


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