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Ultimate Calm Yoga

Ultimate Calm Yoga


One to turn to for rest, relaxation and renewal. This is a cosy self-care practice, seeing us through a handful of postures with a whole lot of comfort.


Nourishment, nurture and not carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders are at the heart of this exploration.


Perfect for rebooting the system, cultivating awareness and supporting yourself – both physically and emotionally - as you ride the waves of change that ripple through life.



Suitable for all levels.



(60+ minutes)

  • Tech Deets and Terms of Purchase

    the tech bit

    once purchased, the class will be delivered to your email. 

    the links in the attached document take you through to a private and unlisted collection of scyoga videos on youtube, where you will need to login. 

    please note: the link is for your eyes only, I ask that you do not share them with others. 



    you are responsible for your wellbeing during yoga practice. ensure you are in good health before practicing yoga online, perhaps seeking the advice of your doctor prior to starting class if you are unsure. most importantly, listen to your body if its asking you to ease off - don't attempt anything which doesn't feel right. 


    all content is scyoga's, animation by meridian studio.

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