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Yoga to Energise

Yoga to Energise


A class for shaking off any uneasiness, combining fluid movement with deep stretches designed to balance rising and rooting energies.


From the crown of your head to the tips of your toes, we tend to the body as a whole - allowing the joints to move in gloriously freeing spirals, mobilising and opening areas of tightness.


Flowing motion is coupled with stripped-back breathwork as we welcome the mind into the body, exploring a form of nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) to drop more deeply into the present moment... a properly soothing practice for the soul.


We take a thorough journey with the neck and upper back muscles, melting the stress of the shoulders to allow the body to settle into the stillness of savasana. 


Suitable for all levels - modifications offered.


(65+ minutes)


  • Tech Deets and Terms of Purchase

    the tech bit

    once purchased, the class will be delivered to your email. 

    the links in the attached document take you through to a private and unlisted collection of scyoga videos on youtube, where you will need to login. 

    please note: the link is for your eyes only, I ask that you do not share them with others. 



    you are responsible for your wellbeing during yoga practice. ensure you are in good health before practicing yoga online, perhaps seeking the advice of your doctor prior to starting class if you are unsure. most importantly, listen to your body if its asking you to ease off - don't attempt anything which doesn't feel right. 


    all content is scyoga's, animation by meridian studio.

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